Mornings At Work….

mouse pad 2

Early Monday morning walk into the office coffee in hand drop my bag on my desk. Now what happens next can go 2 ways and will either make or break my day.

1. I am met with a million questions about work before I even get a chance to take a sip of my coffee. Usually answers to these panicked questions will not save a life hanging in the balance. But I turn my computer on and immediately find the answers to said questions. Opening spreadsheets, searching for emails with each click and getting more and more frustrated, and annoyed. 30 minutes later when the so called “crisis” has been dealt with I continue my working day reading and dealing with all the emails that have seem to breed overnight. I delete the subscriptions I have signed up to as everyone around me has already seen that I have started work, and I don’t particularly feel like looking at them now any way. My breakfast that I make at work has also missed the boat, so its a breakfast of coffee that I sip absentmindedly not really enjoying it.

2. I am met with… silence perhaps a Hi. While I wait for my computer to boot up I enjoy my coffee and go to the kitchen to make my breakfast. I return to my desk still meet with silence from my co workers. I skim my email subject lines just to ensure there is nothing urgent. Then for the next 30 minutes I read my subscription emails  ie. byrdie and goop and other industry news ensuring I am kept  up to date and in the loop. With breakfast finished I go back to the work emails and start reading all of them before replying to any of them. Ok I am now ready to talk.

Obviously option 2 is the way I like to start my day – mornings are hard enough but mornings at work are a thousand times worse so just let me settle in with my routine – I promise the  rest of my day is super productive if I just have some morning me time.

Do you have a routine that makes you feel better and eases you  into the day – or will you start one in the 2015?

*Note – The mouse pad is made by yours truly thanks to the beautiful illustrations of Garance Dore just print, bulldog clip and go!

Tres Jet… Bali…


We just came back from a 10 day holiday to Bali. The main reason for the holiday was to attend a wedding. This was definitely the highlight of the vacation. The wedding was of my old partner in crime when we worked on Vogue together, the gorgeous Beck of Rebecca Ellie Studio. The wedding took place at Semera resort, with idyllic sea views and props that looked like they came straight from a Hollywood movie set. The wedding was fun fun fun – plenty of speeches, food and of course mucho dancing. I lucked out on a gorgeous Alice McCall dress purchased a week before the wedding eeekkk and on sale!

While I made my thoughts on Bali pretty clear in this post and went with expectations that could not have gotten any lower, I was pleasantly surprised. While all my pre conceived ideas about Bali where justified it wasn’t exactly to the extent that I had created in my mind.

Likes: Cheap Yummy Food – Warm consistent weather – Hotels with pools – Cheap messages – Gelato – Guardian pharmacies (some questionable purchases where made here, Panadol with caffeine any one?) – Getting mistaken for Italian tourists! (The best compliment I received on the trip) – 6hr flight to destination – Bali Peanuts – $1 DVD’s – Bintang, surprisingly tasty

Dislikes: Australians EVERYWHERE – Expensive boutiques – Shoes that give you blisters (I know that’s not Bali’s fault but man they hurt) Markets, (No I don’t want that junk for $70 thanks all the same) – Bogan Clothing (Just because Havaianas might be ‘comfortable’ it doesn’t mean you have to wear them every single second of your waking moment. The same goes for singlet’s, it won’t kill you to dress up a little and make an effort especially when going out for dinner. Bali is where fashion goes to die)

Stays: IZE Hotel was a great place and placed smack bang in the middle of all the action – In Ubud we stayed at Rumah Tyang with a private pool = #amaz

Eats: Motel Mexicola = Amazing, just go and eat there even if its Mexican – Mama San = not too exxy for some yummy food and THE best toilet service I have ever experienced – Down to Earth Café = for when the inner hippie slash I want to be all organic side of you comes out. But seriously if you want to experience the food just go to any Warung and eat eat eat.

We avoided Bali belly somehow so have only good things to say about the food.

Activities: Potato Head = overrated once you have experienced the class that is Nikki Beach its really hard to measure up. Finns Beach = Go there when the tide is high otherwise you can’t participate in any water activities. The best activity by far is to lie by the pool with a book, and a constant flow of lychee martinis seriously why would you want to do anything else?

Just stay away from Kuta and pretend that you are not Australian and its all good.

Click through for some more pics of our vacay!

Contine reading

The Hundred Year Old Man Who Climbed Out Of The Window And Disappeared…

9781843913726This book was a little bit slow at first but when it picked up I really enjoyed all the stories the old man had. If you enjoy a little bit of history then that’s an added bonus. Well written and and very happy with the ending, as no surprise a 100 year old man could face a certain predictable ending.

Also just the other day I saw that they have made a movie out of this book! I know the movie will not be able to compare at all (as it never does) but I’m looking forward to

8 out of 10


The reason I have a 16 year old’s diary…

kate moss

One of the good things about starting a new year is starting a new diary, not the Dear Diary kind but a planner/organiser. The year is free to write down endless plans, booking weekends with brunches – weeknights with dinners and Friday nights for drinks. For the past 2 years I have kept it simple and sophisticated with a little moleskin number. I love the soft leather, the layout with the week on the left and room for notes on the right, and the lightness when carried around in my bag. But this year disaster struck… I decided that thirty something dollars is far too expensive for the dream diary and I will outsmart the system by waiting for the year to start and purchasing the diary at a fraction of the price. Oh how wrong could I be. By the time I realised I was struggling to keep everything organised in my mind it was already at the end of January. Ok time to hit the shops for the discount. First stop like every year Magnation – sold out – David Jones sold out – The book depository – sold out. Panic stations… what am I to do now ? Ok I am tech savvy I have seen people use their smart phone calendars, its going to be ok I will go digi for a year. Ahhhhh make that 2 months. I just couldn’t get around the fact that I cant open up to a page and view my week all nicely laid out.  I couldn’t bring myself to spend money on a calendar app – and after deleting 3 free calendar apps as soon as I downloaded them I just stuck with the one that came with my phone. But its just too Tres Bore Tres Snore and I didn’t find it very user friendly, but what choice did I have. Then one day in Typo I spotted the sale shelf and I saw Kate Moss looking back at me with 2014 scrawled across her face, and for the bargain price of only $2 she was mine. There are many clues given that this diary was not aimed at some one of my age bracket, stickers exclaiming its exam time, assignment due and school holidays to the diary prompting  me to write ‘study notes’ But it was cheap, the right size and most importantly a tree was chopped down for me to scribble on

Let me know if you have found a good calendar App or are you still embracing pen to paper?

Coffee In A Cup…


I dont get a coffee every morning prefering to get one on the weekends when I can take the time to really enjoy it. When I do get one in the morning at work I just go to the cafe downstairs – not because the coffee is particualry that good or the cafe very trendy but becuase they serve their coffee in a black cup. A black cup is like a little black dress, always in style always matches my nail polish.

The other day I was devastated to realise they have changed their cups. It is now in a light blue colour with the logo of the cafe printed in a hideous colour. Yeah this isn’t going to work for me… we are breaking up. When I relayed my logic to the ladies at work they looked at me as if  I had lost the plot – but I guess not everyone applies fashion to all aspects of their lives. Luckily a colleague  introduced me to Robert Timms coffee bags – just like a tea bag but filled with good quality coffee.  I am partical to the Italina Expresso variant. If I must do instant this is the one – I highly recommend, also great if your on a budget.

Bali Body…


In three months time I will be lying by the pool drink in hand, sunning myself in Bali! That means I have three months to get my body to Bali standards. There will be multiple out fit changes consisting of bikinis, crop tops and summer dresses. I have to admit that Bali is not on my top 3 or even my top 50 places to visit but I am invited to a wedding – and because I know the wedding will spectacular and a lot of fun – to Bali we jet.

This is a really good excuse to get my body back to peak form – to really tone up, lose those last 2 KGs and unleash its potential. Basically to get Bali Body ready I have come to the sad realisation that I need to incorporate exercise into my life on a daily basis (that is what being forever 29 does to a person) I am a Tracey Anderson devotee and will be doing that on the daily as well as Ballet Beautiful on the weekends. As I loath cardio I will again join up to my pole diva casual classes to get that heart rate hit. This exercise regime combined with healthy eating should get me there, but if not there is always the option of not eating for a week – just joking – not really – no I’m joking – just a little bit serious though.

If you have any recommendations on where to stay or things to do and see in Bali leave me a comment all suggestions would be greatly appreciated as I feel a little out of my depth with the Indonesian region.

No Just No, Seriously No…

NoLeggingsJeans-300x300Considering I work for a company that is all about looking good and feeling good – and on the floor where we  see all the latest and greatest  products coming in you would think people would know a little bit about fashion trends and what is acceptable and what isn’t. But alas not so much. At least once a week I see my colleges wearing… gasp…leggings… as pants double gasp. Seriously what are these women thinking? You are not jogging, you are not in the comfort of your own home, you are not an acrobat. You are in a professional environment at work and we can all see you – we can all see a little bit too much of you. Nobody is interested in the outline of your non model legs – so for everyones sake please look in the mirror before you leave the house and put some pants on.