The H and the M


Unless you have been living in fashion oblivion you would know that this April 5th the Swedish clothing company H&M will be opening its doors in Melbourne Australia. I don’t like this – I don’t like this one bit and I’ll tell you why. Don’t get me wrong  I love H&M – I love its wear me one season fast fashion philosophy.  I love that way you can get lost in one of their store for hours, I love that even though you have just come out of  a H&M when you spot one further down the street you have to go in on the off chance there is something new that you might have missed in the previous store. And don’t even get me started on the different H&M’s in different european counties – as far as I’m concerned  a country has not been fully explored until you have set foot into one of its H&M’s. One of the best points about traveling is buying up items that you know people back home can’t get. How good does it feel to say ” Oh this? I bought this in London last summer” etc etc. Sacrificing you’re at home fashion shopping dollars so that you can then splurge when you are overseas is what travelling Australians live for. Currently you can’t even purchase H&M products online as they don’t ship to Australia – being this non accessible appeals to me even more – especially when my sister lives in London and can send me all the items I add to my british basket. Am I just a snob that wants to keep this all to myself ? Yep I think I am.

The Australian version of the website is already up showcasing some Australia only pieces. I must admit there are some winners – and might be a good thing that purchases can not yet be made.

So will I go and visit the flagship store in Melbourne’s GPO? Ahhhh hell yes because even though I don’t like it being here in principle I will devour all 3 floors and wont say no to an exclusive invitation to the opening night…

It’s Not A Diet Dhaaarrrling It’s A Detox…

So I find myself very close to summer and very far from crop top ready. I am by no means a fattie but I am a harsh critic – and therefore would never let my midriff hang out unless it was flat and taught. As I believe its harder to lose 2kg then 20kgs I have undertaken drastic measures (not really) to lose these last 2kg and finally be at my ideal weight. I detest the word “diet” and therefor am calling it a detox as it is in sorts. After reading Gwyneth Paltrow’s detox I decided to make up my own (as hers had one too many juices substituted as meals) Tres Confucius Detox involves; No chocolate or any other junk food for that matter and no carbs – just good whole healthy eating. So where is the catch? how will I lose 2kg on this? Well I am not putting a single thing in my mouth (except for water and tea) after 4pm. No dinner no snacking no nothing. Is this drastic? will this work? am I delusional? Perhaps… but I’m willing to trial it for the next seven days and will let you know my results. 
I am also teaming this with daily morning yoga workouts – As I usually work out in the morning anyways this is no big adjustment. It has already been 3 days and I fell great, sometimes a pang of hunger will creep in around 8pm but I know I’m going to eat again when I wake up and keep eating until 4pm balanced and healthy meals.

BTW –  There will be a post coming soon on all the Aaaahhhhmazing crop tops out there at the mo…

Tres Review – Origins GinZing

Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturiser smells AAAAAMAZING – like a vitamin C tablet, it really does what it says and energisers your face so I like to use it in the morning. It has a very light consistency that is a mix between a cream and a gel. The product soaks right into the skin leaving it velvety soft. It’s great for people with oily and combination skin. I don’t use this product everyday but perhaps every second day,I like to mix up the moisturises on the visage. 

Tres Review – Clarins

I have purchased this Clarins gentle foaming cleanser 3 times now because its amazing. Even though the description states foaming it has the consistency of  a cream. That is the best kind to help clean the makeup off the face, and doesn’t leave your skin tight as gel cleansers tend to. The cream has a subtle pleasing scent and one bottle lasts for around 5 months – good value from a department store brand. Also its made in France Oui Oui